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Augusta Portable Storage, Inc., a franchise for Go-Minis®, is the youngest of the Ellefson Transportation Group companies. This division of ETG celebrated 10 years of serving the CSRA in 2016. Go-Mini’s® portable containers represent a unique opportunity for the Ellefson Transportation Group line of services. Recognizing the shift towards affordability and the Do-It-Yourself mentality of many of their customers at the downturn of the economy, ETG sought to find a solution for customers who still needed their services, but with a more scaled down and cost-effective approach.

storage flexibility

Whether Augusta area customers are looking for an affordable short term storage solution at their home or business, or are in need of long term storage for renovations, restorations, or other building projects, Go-Mini's is a great fit. Their custom solutions allow customers to choose from three container sizes and set a pick-up and drop off schedule to fit their needs. In addition to storage, Go-Mini's is also a great solution for affordable, Do-It-Yourself relocations that allow customers to pack and load at their own pace before scheduling the container to be delivered to their new home!

Using Go-Mini's is as easy as 1-2-3! You Call. We Deliver. You Load!


We’re proud to offer a cooler and refrigerated portable storage solution in the Aiken-Augusta market. Cool It! Storage offers flexibility and convenience in the form of short-term and monthly rentals of on-site refrigerated units.

  • Benefits include Steel Construction
  • Secure, Locked Containers
  • Flexible Delivery and Rental Options
  • Remote Temperature Monitoring

Augusta Portable Storage Inc. | U.S. DOT No. 1474722 | MC 556725